xcalib is a tiny monitor calibration loader for XFree86 (or X.org) and MS-Windows.

please see README for further information

This program is GPL-ed postcardware. I ask you to send me a postcard if you like this program. See README for contact information.



New binary for x64 Linux

Joel Cornuz was so kind to compile a version of xcalib 0.8 for 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu Gutsy)

You can download it now from this site.


Fixed link to xcalib 0.8 source

The link to xcalib 0.8 sources was unfortunately set to version 0.7. A copy-paste error ;-(

Sorry 'bout that and thanks to Frank for reporting it to me.


New Win32 build xcalib 0.8.1

When I released xcalib 0.8 I simply used the MinGW compiler for the Win32 build. It all worked when I tested it - because I only use MSYS as a shell under Windows. Unfortunately users of standard Win32 cmd shell will not see the output of xcalib - although it works. Therefore I rebuilt it with VS2008-Beta and hope that all Win32 users will see the output now. The new version for Windows is 0.8.1


Version 0.8


Version 0.7


Version 0.6


Version 0.5 released.

The Win32 binary can be used as a free alternative to commercial gamma loaders like MonacoGamma, Logo Calibration Loader, ...
You can place it in your Autostart folder to enable automatic calibration (contained in your default display profile) on start-up.


xcalib is now close to being feature-complete. Please mail me what's still missing except the items mentioned below.

Source code downloads:

Binary downloads

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